Can I Buy a home during Covid-19

Many people are wondering if they can successfully purchase a property during level 5 lockdown.  The answer is most definitely YES….

How can I purchase a home during Level 5 Lockdown

Purchasing a home during level 5 lockdown requires a different approach, here at Delaney Estates we have implemented a number of different strategies in order to help you successfully purchase your home during Covid 19 pandemnic.

Virtual Open Viewings

We have engaged with who facilitate Virtual Open Viewings through their platform.  This platform allows any number of purchasers to tune in at a specific time where they can participate in a guided tour a property.  Here you can engage with us and ask questions during this tour.  We will highlight the benefits of the home and focus on the features it has to offer you.

Video Viewings via face time / whatsApp 

Purchasers can engage in a one on one video call with us where we bring you through the house and answer any specific questions you may have.  This also affords Delaney Estates an opportunity to establish relationship with you in order to ascertain your requirements and preferences.

Delaney Estates complete a 360 degree tour on all our properties when offered for sale during the pandemic.  This tour allows you to navigate through the property and have a 360 degree view of all rooms, gardens and any out buildings.  You can utilise this facility at your leisure from you lap top, mobile phone, ipad etc.